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Murgh Malai Tikka

Say hello to the most tender and juicy Murgh Malai Tikka! This chicken tikka smothered in a wet rub of yogurt, warm spices, and fresh herbs is simply the best.

Grill them on a stovetop, oven, or outdoor BBQ, and these tikkas will surely rock your party! Who knows, this might soon become your new summer grilling favorite recipe. 


This malai chicken recipe calls for a combination of flavorful ingredients, and they include- 

» Chicken– I prefer to cook tikkas with boneless skinless chicken breasts. But it will work with any kind of chicken meat. 

» Lemon juice – helps to tenderize the meat and adds a fresh pop of flavor. 

» First set of marinade – cashew paste, ginger-garlic paste, cornstarch, green chilies, and a blend of spices like – green cardamom powder, salt, cumin powder, red chili powder, and garam masala powder*, perks up the flavor quotient of this marinade.

*If no garam masala powder on hand, then curry powder will also suffice. 

» The second set of marinade includes- 

» Yogurt – use thick unsweetened yogurt for this recipe. Use homemade hung curd or store-bought Greek yogurt. Yogurt helps in tenderizing the chicken and also helps in absorbing the lemon and spices flavor more efficiently. 

» Low-fat shredded mozzarella cheese – sticks to the chicken and lends a creamy and rich texture to this malai tikka. 

» Oil– smoked mustard oil adds a nice earthy touch. 

» Dried fenugreek leaves – a classic Indian herb that adds tons of flavor to the murgh malai tikka. 

» Cream – help to balance out the heat from the spices while adding a delicious burst of flavor in every bite.

» Cilantro leaves– fresh cilantro leaves are a real game-changer.

Now, that we know the role of each ingredient in this murgh malai tikka; let’s head to the kitchen and start cooking!


This chicken malai tikka recipe starts with the right chicken marinades.

  • Step 1– tenderize the meat. 

  • Step 2– Marinade 1- I love this first set of marinate because it is a mixture of simple ingredients and a blend of spices. 

  • Step 3– Marinade 2- this marinade infuses the chicken with and an extra layer of flavor and creaminess.  Cream+yogurt+ cheese creates an amazing saucy marinade that moistens and infuse the flavor in these tikkas. 


1. Thoroughly rinse the chicken. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels. Since we are making tikkas here, cut the chicken into 1-inch chicken cubes. Transfer the chicken to a bowl. 

2. Add salt. 

3. Fresh lemon juice. 

4. Toss it well. Allow the chicken to marinate for 30 minutes. This marinade gives the chicken a succulent bite. 


5. Meanwhile, let’s prepare the first set of marinate. In a large mixing bowl, add cashew paste. 

6. Stir in ginger-garlic paste, green cardamom powder, and cornstarch. 

7. Add green chilies, salt, cumin powder, red chili powder, and garam masala powder. 

8. Mix until blended. 


9. Add yogurt. 

10. Cheese Murgh malai tikka

11. Add kasoori methi, cream, cilantro leaves, and oil.

12. Mix to combine.

13. Add the chicken pieces. 

14. Mix to coat the murgh pieces evenly in the malai marinade. 

15. Cover and let the chicken marinate overnight in the refrigerator. 

16. Once the resting time is over, preheat the oven 400 degrees F. Remove chicken tikka from the fridge and thread the pieces onto the skewers. Evenly divide the cubes between 6 skewers.

17. Cook the murgh malai tikka for 25-30 minutes, turning halfway through to cook evenly. 

18. Remove from the oven. Generously brush with butter and serve hot. 


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